It is a fact that about 70% of Muslims live below poverty line. Unable to afford the expenses of education, they engage their children in pretty works to supplement their income. To promote education among the poor and downtrodden, ” Sponsorship Scheme ” has been launched. Under this scheme poor students of not only this school but also of all affiliated 23 primary schools and associated Darsgah-e-Islami Hr. Sec. School Mughalpura Faizabad, Noorul Islam J.H. School, Wazirganj, Faizabad, Radiance Islamic Nursery School, Rath Haveli, Faizabad, Maktaba Islamia Girls College, Unchegaon, Faizabad, Madarsa Irfania, Pharganj, Faizabad are benefited. Generous persons from our society who trust us and recognize the need of education contribute to this scheme. In present circumstances the most effective utilization of Zakat/Sadqah is to spend on education of the poor. In severe cold the poor students are provided sweater and scarf. May Allah ( SWT) reward bountifully who contributed for this noble cause. Ameen.

Year No. of Students Sponsored Expenditure
1999-00 114 0.38 Lac.
2000-01 281 1.46 Lac.
2001-02 278 1.85 Lac.
2002-03 350 2.05 Lac.
2003-04 450 2.65 Lac.
2004-05 474 4.74 Lac.
2005-06 649 2.78 Lac.
2006-07 808 9.87 Lac.