Faiz-e-Aam Muslim Inter College
AFMI Primary School (23 Primary Schools Established since 1999)


  • On receipt second and final installment from Maulana Azad Education Foundation the construction of 2 classrooms will be taken up.
  • With the donation of generous persons the construction of Biology Lab will be taken up, which is essential in the current year.
  • Although Masjid Iqra in College Campus is being used for prayer and learning, some work on 1st & 2nd floors are to be completed which have been delayed due to paucity of fund.
  • A hostel for students and transit accommodation for teachers.
  • To promote adoption of teachers for school and meet shortage due to financial stringency.
  • To sponsor more and more children of poor and deprived families.

PLAN FOR AFMI PRIMARY SCHOOLS AT A GLANCE(23 Primary Schools Established Since 1999)

  • To establish new branches wherever required and demanded by the people.
  • To construct classrooms in branches depending upon availability of fund.
  • Writing table cum seat for branches.
  • To develop Dr. M.Z. Khan Girls H.S. School, Patranga and Faiz-e-Aam H.S. School, Ichaulia.
  • To develop Girls H.S. School at Bhagwabhit.