Faiz-e-Aam Muslim Inter College
AFMI Primary School
(23 Primary Schools Established Since 1999 to 2006)


The school was started in 5 thatched rooms with 205 student. The rapid growth in thenumber of students compelled management to hold classes under the tree. In year 2001 the school was upgraded to VIIIth standard. Eleven tinned roof classrooms, administrative block and staff room were constructed with the generous contribution of the well wishers.

In year 2002 the most prestigious project of the institute, the construction of a new mosque in place of the old and small one was taken up. The three storeyed mosque is utilized fpr prayer and learning.

In year 2003 the school was upgraded to 10th standard with the construction of three classrooms. Dr. Ebrahim Kazim Computer Lab was started with his donation.

In year 2006 the school was upgraded to 12th standard.

The school started SHOBA-E-HIFZ QURAN with 20 students in addition to their course.


Alhamdulillah the mission for educational awakening is gaining momentum. Twenty three (23) primary schools have been established in different villages having sizeable population of backward communities, particularly Muslims. People are now realizing the importance of education and are determined to shape the destiny of their children through learning.

More admissions in the school are sign of educational awakening and popularity of primary schools in the rural area. In many branches, children are sitting on ground under open sky and in some branches. The Development of basic infrastructure is unavoidable.

Front view of Masjid Iqra in Faiz-e-Aam Campus