Faiz-e-Aam Muslim Educational Society is not working only for educational upliftment of the community. It cares for health and happiness of the people. Some of the activities are reported below.

  • As in last years, a Free Medical Camp was organized in Faiz-e-Aam on 28.1.07. A team of reputed doctors of the city Dr. Abdus Salam (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Javed Akhtar (Physician), Dr. Iqbal (Physician), Dr. Saliha Iqbal (Gynaecologist), Dr. Kaif Rizvi (Dentist), Dr. Vipin Kumar (General Surgeon), Dr. R.K. Shukla (Child Specialist) and Doctors of Ayodhya Eye Hospital examined 1035 patients of 55 villages and gave free medicines. There were maximum patients of general and eye diseases.
  • Another free Medical Camp was organized in Dr. M.Z. Khan Girls H. Sec. School, Patranga on 19.11.06. Dr. Abdus Salam (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Javed Akhtar (Physician), Dr. Afroz Khan (Physician),Dr. Iqbal (Physician), Dr. Saliha Iqbal (Gynaecologist), Dr. Kaif Rizvi (Dentist) and a team of Ayodhya eye Hospital participated in the camp. They examined, advised and gave free medicines to 950 patients of 35 villages.
  • Copies of Qur’an Kareem distributed to Guardian and students.
  • The Society managed Qurbani and distribution of meat on behalf of persons who could not make arrangement to fulfill their religious obligation Qurbani of 38 buffaloes, 4 goats was performed and meat was distributed to 1485 poor families of 32 villages. Hide was given to Madarsas where orphans and poor seek religious knowledge.
  • During Ramzan 136 packets containing eight articles for sehr & Aftar were distributed to poor Rozedars with the contribution of well wishers of Muslim Ummah.
  • In Makkhu Khan Purwa Branch of our school 70 student observing fast were offered Aftar in the mosque.
  • With the generous contribution ‘Aftar’ was also organized in mosques of Makkhu Ka Purwa, Sukhipur and Kopepur village. These are poverty ridden villages with Muslim majority.
  • On the occasion of Eid-Azha 140 poor guardians of Noorul Islam J.H. School part of Faizabad Literacy Project received Sewai, sugar and milk.
  • On eve of Eid 130 Yatim girls and boys of Noorul Islam J.H.School, Faiz-e-Aam and affiliated schools received clothes.
  • 49 very poor Muslims of villages received clothes on the occasion of Eid.
  • In winter 20 blankets & 7 quilts distributed to poor Muslims.