We follow the play- way method of teaching. In this method the child is at the focal point. Individual attention is paid to all the students. Their individual differences, interests, aptitude and instincts are taken into account and given due respect. The school is equipped with sufficient teaching aids- some conventional such as charts, models, maps and some modern such as Internet, Computer, TV, VCR and a handsome number of educational Audio- visual CDs/Cassettes. Remedial extra classes for week students are organised regularly. Besides, the school regularly organises teachers’ training camps/refresher courses for keeping them abreast of the latest trends and techniques of teaching. We would like to draw your special attention to our methodology of teaching the Holy Qur’an (Nazira), which is radically different from the traditional system of teaching Nazira adopted by madarsas . We make extensive use of black board in teaching Holy Qur’an. All the basic rules essentials for reciting Holy Qur’an correctly with Tajweed are explained visually using blackboard. No cramming of words is encouraged. Instead, ability to read the Qur’an is developed by teaching a few small surahs only. After that child is able to read the Qur’an without any problem. Of course, speed comes through practice and not by just learning rules and few examples. For practice, they are given sufficient lessons from the Qur’an itself. Whosoever has seen this method of teaching, live, has admired and appreciated it. Many other schools have also imitated this methodology. Though to some extent we also believe in “Spare the rod and spoil the child” yet we have spared the rod but to others utter disbelief and astonishment we haven’t spoiled the child. We have only spared the rod, not the child, who always remains in our constant vigil and guidance and wherever and whenever he slips, we are there to hold and guide him to the right path.




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